Florida Fossil Hunter Speaks Out About Ancient Art

When America Unearthed aired its episode “Swamp Mammoth,” it introduced a mass audience to James Kennedy, an amateur fossil hunter in Vero Beach, Florida who in 2009 discovered a mammoth bone inscribed with an ancient carving of a mastodon or mammoth, confirmed by repeated testing to be one of the oldest pieces of Paleoindian art known from the Americas, but believed by Wolter and Smithsonian archaeologist Dennis Stanford to be of prehistoric European origin. Kennedy told Scott Wolter about a second piece of bone art, showing what he said was a fisherman.

“It’s not fake,” Wolter told the Vero News. “They’re saying it’s fake and they’ll try and smear it, but at the end of the day it’s going to be vetted out and it will stand up to scrutiny.”


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