Join us as we plunge, head long into forgotten trails  and hidden rivers beds, searching for lost signs of our paleo-ancestors.

These lost remains hold the key to our understanding who came before us, and our learning who lived here during the Ice age, long before modern civilization.

The Fossil Hunters team does extensive planning and research before each fossil hunt takes place. Old maps and records are painstakingly referenced for the original location of rivers and streams, as they were before the Army Corps of Engineers diverted and drained them for future developmental purposes.

In most areas Mother Nature has taken back her land. Over the years the undergrowth and trees have reclaimed much of their territory. This makes the going all the more difficult, but it only adds to our excitement as we search for the ancient trails and camp sites of our paleo-ancestors.

It was in just such a river bed that two of the greatest finds in North America have been discovered.

Read more at Vero Fossil Hunters –  Rediscovering History


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