The Paloma Rib Bone


The Paloma Rib Bone is from a Prehistoric Mastodon


VFH_P_3A Prehistoric Mastodon Tooth and Jawbone Fossil.

The mastodon was one of the largest land animals living during the ice age. Mastodon belonged to the family Mammutidae, that originated in North Africa, spreading to Eurasia and entering North America 15 million years ago. The elephant-like American mastodon was a distant relative of the mammoth, with whom it shared its ice age home. At one of the Fossil Hunters local honey holes, they discovered a cook pit, black charcoal marks in a circular pattern. The pit produced this incredible specimen, a mammoth tooth with part of the jaw bone still attached.





This Prehistoric Mastodon Paloma Rib Bone Fossil with a carving of a chevron and other markings.

Not twenty feet from the charcoal cook pit just a few feet away from where we found the Tooth and Jaw Bone, The Fossil Hunters turned up a dark rib bone. A quick rinse in the inlet water revealed that this fossil wasn’t any normal bone. On one side, there is a huge tally mark, clear indication of human interaction with the piece. There are several other marking of indiscernible meaning, but they too are clearly the result of human hands. The Paloma bone marks the coming trend in The Fossil Hunters discoveries, proof of human interaction with these ancient creatures.

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