The Vero Mammoth Bone


The Vero Mammoth Bone


VFH_P_MammothThis piece is the second story bone of it’s kind. The first story bone was a depiction of a mastodon charging through a village of teepees, a traumatizing event for the tribe, and certainly an event worth recording. Both story bones were found by The Fossil Hunters very own James Kennedy in Vero Beach, FL. nearly a decade ago.

When Mr. Kennedy first revealed “the Vero Mammoth Bone” as it came to be known, to scholars, it was received with scrutiny. After 5 years of skepticism from experts at Universities and museums world wide, the bone was verified as authentic by the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C., and was labeled a one of a kind by the University of Florida… 

“as the oldest example of art in the Western hemisphere.”

The most modern scientific methods were used to analyze the piece of art, carbon dating, optical and electron micro-scanning, rare earth element analysis, and everything showed that the bone was for real.

Yet still the headlines read “Mammoth art in America? Or mammoth fraud? Mr. Kennedy later appeared on the History channel series “America Unearthed” where he dropped the next piece of news. He had a second bone, the Fisherman bone. Host Scott Wolter said he likes this bone better as it depicts human interaction.

The Fisherman bone and the Vero Mammoth bone prove that humans travelled to the Americas not only by using the Bering Straits but via a land bridge of ice from France to the east coast of the United States. And to date Americans earliest known artist was an Ice Age hunter/gatherer in Florida.

I think i should tell you a bit about The Fossil Hunters, they don’t play golf, they don’t play tennis, in their spare time they hunt fossils. And their mission is to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that human interaction existed with ancient creatures of the past. The next big find can rediscovery history.

Check out the Current News section for more information on the Vero Mammoth Bone.

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