There among the pile of specimens that the Fossil Hunters had unearthed, lay another piece of portable art, or as the Fossil Hunters call it, a “Story Bone”.

Not merely a fossil, with an age and species to decipher, this piece had clear evidence of human interaction. An ancient paleo-artist was telling us a story, through the scratch marks or etchings on the surface of the fossilized bone, a tale was being telegraphed time, the tally marks or chevrons, communicating an even larger picture.

The significance of this artifact is akin to finding the first book, the first paleo version of a portable radio or television, no longer did the story need to remain stationary on a cave wall to make an impact on the tribe. Here, the graphic form of communication is mobile. And it holds a message of equal importance. A human being depicting another member of its race in a graphic representation of consciousness, perhaps the first known example in the Western Hemisphere,  “I THINK THEREFORE I AM”.

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